Majors Kris & Camie Potter - Corps Officers, Renton Corps Community Center - Effective Monday, August 11, 2014

Every Salvation Army officer - both men and women - is an ordained minister within the greater Christian church. Most officers are appointed to serve as the pastors and administrators of a single Salvation Army location which is known as a "corps". In Washington state, northern Idaho and western Montana, our Corps Officers are appointed by the Western Territorial leadership in Long Beach, California and may serve in a single appointment for a period lasting up to several years.

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Our Advisory Board

The Advisory Board stands in service to the mission of The Salvation Army and is an essential component of our operations, serving as a liaison between The Salvation Army and the community through advocacy, access, and fundraising. The Advisory Board is responsible for providing counsel on matters regarding budgets, fundraising, program effectiveness, property maintenance, and related matters.

Renton Corps Advisory Board - As of July 17, 2014

Major Kris Potter, Corps Officer
Major Camie Potter, Corps Officer
Advisory Board Member Name, Chair
Norm Abramson
Janet Blencoe
Mark Gropper
Denny Hamilton
Lisa Lam
Marcia Loreth
Kevin Milosovich
Toni Nelson
Marcie Palmer
Mark Peterson
Debra Russell
Janice Tanner
Doug Thomas
Stephen Wells
Lee Wheeler
Merna Wheeler
Peggy Ziebarth


Contact Us

Your questions and feedback are always appreciated. If you would like to contact The Salvation Army with any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to send us an email. Be sure to include your city and state in case we need to refer you to a more local Salvation Army unit or program. For information about available assistance and other local services, contact the Corps Community Center in your area. If you would prefer to send a letter via postal mail, please send it to the following address:

The Salvation Army
Renton Corps Community Center
PO Box 73298
Renton, WA 98057

Or stop by our local office at

The Salvation Army
Renton Corps Community Center
720 S. Tobin Street
Renton, WA 98055



Schedule A Donation Pick-Up

For information on donating material goods such as furniture, clothing, a used vehicle, and other items, and to schedule a truck pickup, please call 1-800-95-TRUCK or visit

For a donation valuation guide please visit

For customer service-related matters concerning your donation pickup, please call 1-800-95-TRUCK or visit